Sunday, August 23, 2009


In almost every Swedish grocery store, you find various kinds of mushroom knives (The sharp end is to cut off the mushroom and the brush is to brush off the dirt).

It has been very warm and wet lately - the best climate for mushrooms.
People rush to the forests to pick them. Yes, mushrooms can pretty much be picked anywhere as long as it is not within sight of a private dwelling. This is possible due to the Swedish Right of Public Access.

Berry and mushroom picking is a national past time.
Of course, one can make money selling mushrooms to Italian companies that have established themselves in Sweden to collect Karl Johan mushrooms (Boletus edulis) or what the Italians call porcini mushrooms. This mushroom is rare and expensive in Italy, but plentiful in Sweden.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The Humber Car factory in England dates back to 1886.

This old brochure from 1933 must have appeared too fine to throw away, so my grandmother saved it in her attic. I knew she bought a Packard instead with room for most of her nine children.

Friday, August 14, 2009


METRO (Sweden) Thursday August 13, 2009:

One must be Swedish to understand what this really means.
Americans who only have two weeks vacation might wonder why the Swedish five week vacations need to be extended.

It has to do with the generous parental leave rules.
When you have, or adopt a child, a couple can take up to 13 months off work, divided between them. Mothers use most of the days, but it is more and more common that men take time off work to be home with their children. But it seems that when August comes, and the vacation is used up, the fathers are more interested in using some of the time. This year it is a million daddies who do precisely that, use some of their parental leave time to enjoy summer.

The Economist has an interesting article on the subject of encouraging men to take more paternity leave. Click here!
Wikipedia explains parental leave. Click here!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009


No, it isn't the religious Madonna, it's the pop star Madonna who is causing the frenzy in this city.

87 lorries/trucks arrived some time ago with materials for her elaborate show plus an army of workers to assemble the stage.

Madonna herself arrived yesterday and a candid photo of her in a Mercedes revealed that she is indeed 50 years old now.

She will perform at the Ullevi sports arena and as usual, the entire city, North to South, East to West, will hear what goes on during the concert.

Only a few weeks ago, U2, performed here and they brought 102 lorries/trucks of equipment with them (to Madonna's only 87).

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The Royal Dramatic Theatre (where Ingmar Bergman was active) is a marvel to behold, especially now when it is so superbly renovated.
It was built in 1908, Jugend/Art Nouveau inspired.
The architect was Fredrik Lilljekvist.
Don't miss it!