Thursday, August 26, 2010


The Universeum Science Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden is built of glued laminated wood beams (stronger than steel ). It is well worth a visit. Don't miss the tropical rain forest and the shark tank. And there is a lot more!

Jonah in the Whale?
No, these are shark teeth outside the large fish tanks.
Good for pictures.

Check out the fish and sharks via this web camera under water.

If you have problems with spiders and snakes, maybe it is best to stay away from this section.

From the fish tanks area, you walk into the top of the rain forest.
The rain forest is hot and damp.

Close the door so the monkeys do not escape

Foot steps in the concrete

What animal left this print?

Monday, August 23, 2010


In the budgets for most Swedish public buildings is a sum set aside for art works. These pieces are from hospitals in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Want to see more?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Photo © Viktor Trappsteg

The American weekly magazine NEWSWEEK has made a list of the best countries to live. Finland comes first, then Switzerland and then Sweden.

This might come as a surprise to most Swedes who maintain a healthy skepticism towards their own country. There is no room for expressions in the public dialogue such as "I am proud to be Swedish" or "God bless Sweden". It would be considered over-the-top or simply peculiar. Hard to explain to Americans maybe, but so it is.

This is August and the end of summer. People have returned to work after four weeks vacation. An article in the local paper interviewed people how they "coped" at work with the abrupt change from leisure. Most people actually liked being back at their old routines.

August is also a wonderful time for Swedes to use their right (to public access) to take long walks in nearby green areas and forests to pick mushrooms. August is also a popular month for paternity leave.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The gardeners of the city of Gothenburg in Sweden love to decorate their city.
New color schemes every year.


Illustration by Donovan O'Malley

So what is Art?
Is art just pictures and sculptures in a museum? The safe bet?

A recent BBC program suggested that the largest galleries in the main capitals "decide" what is to be art in order to make money. Is a sheep cut in half and put in formaldehyde in a plexiglass case, art?
Would that sheep in formaldehyde, in the plexiglas, be considered art if it stood in an old barn close to other living sheep? With no one to view it except the living sheep and the farmer? Would the farmer be apprehended for cruelty to animals?

Or does the sheep in formaldehyde and plexiglas only become art when someone who specializes in finding groups of words to glamorize this "art" -- reassures us, the followers, the lemmings, and those with masses of money to invest, that this is indeed art, and yes, spend your money on this. And it might be a ticklish delight to be able to say that one likes art with animals in formaldehyde. One needs to set oneself apart. What to do when you own everything and there is no more room for tattoos.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So what famous painter was it?
Could it be...
No, more like....
Maybe it is the latest from the fashionable gallery in...

I am not for keeping anyone on tenterhooks,
Here is the answer

Monday, August 9, 2010


When American customers bought Häagen-Dazs ice cream in 1985, it was made in America and of the highest quality. But the the lid implied it came from Scandinavia. Oslo and Copenhagen are there on that lid but Stockholm is strangely absent (was Sweden not politically correct then?)
But today, when Häagen-Dazs ice cream is sold in Europe and made in France, they wish to imply that it is an American ice cream! Interesting turnaround. I suppose they would now prefer to forget about that darn lid...?

Sunday, August 8, 2010


THE CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW is the most well known Flower and Garden show in the world. It receives an enormous amount of publicity the world over. It takes place every year at The Royal Hospital in Chelsea, London on a total of 11 acres.
An enormous amount of money, talent and prestige is involved and a lot of artifice too, in creating the stunning show gardens where the flowers are magically in full bloom on the opening day in May. How they manage all that is beyond belief. Many awards are handed out. And then, five days later, the elaborate constructions, the temples, the rural stone cottages, the large trees, shrubs, hedges and all the plants have to be uprooted and moved. Sad indeed.
Everyone wants to visit, but the five days are a limitation. The first two days are reserved for the royal family, celebrities and members of the Royal Horticultural Society. The remaining three days are left for the public.
Only 157.000 people have a chance to visit when probably millions would love to come. So those who cannot be there in the flesh, can enjoy the pictures taken by those who were there. An official DVD of the show is also produced on behalf of the RHS.
The talented photographer "UGArdener" was there in 2007 and has been considerate enough in arranging several albums (sets) on the photo sharing website Flickr. But first an introduction by
The bigger show gardens are the big attraction and they are sponsored by various companies, countries and institutions. I think we can start with the Flemings Australian garden, and then The Fortnum & Mason Garden.
The Japanese Moss Garden is simply wonderful and exotic.
The garden called 600 Days on Mars, by Sarah Eberle, a futuristic garden, was awarded first prize.
In between looking at the gardens, I suggest we follow on a general tour of the various exhibitors.Then back to more gardens:
-Lloyds TSB Show Gardens

-Chris Beardshaw's Hidcote Centenary Tribute

-Karl Foerster Garden

-There were other large gardens shown together in one album.

-We must not forget to visit the inside Floral Pavilion, a most amazing place.
-Before we leave, a visit Courtyard and City gardens.

There! We have had a lovely day and a chance to enjoy the beauty of the gardens and to catch up on current trends in gardening. Thank you so much Mr. UGArdener for this lovely tour of the 2007 Chelsea Flower Show!
Have a look at the 2010 Chelsea Flower show !