Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012


Li burial field outside Gothenburg Sweden.
Around 1000 years ago, the ocean (which we can almost see at the horizon) reached the edge of these standing stones. They date back to the Iron age (8.000-1000 years B.C) and were most likely raised to honor dead people.

Wikepedia writes interestingly about standing stones.
There are around one hundred here at Fjaras outside Gothenburg. 
Many stones were removed by the local population over time to be used for building purposes but this stopped when the Swedish king Charles XV visited the place in 1865 and urged them to refrain from this practice.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Welcome to ASKHULT, a village consisting of four houses dating back to 1700 hundred.
Picture from Lanstyrelsen.
An idyllic walk from the parking area. Stone walls on each side.

When you reach the village, you are received in a very informal way by people dressed in period clothes..

Massive granite blocks cover the court yards.

Poor people never painted their houses (too expensive). So the houses remain grey.

There is a charming lake nearby.

If you walk up these granite steps, you can have coffee or or ice-cream and home-baked cakes in one of the houses...

...whilst looking out these windows.
if you wish, you can have a picnic on the grounds nearby one of the many stone walls.
Picnic tables are available.

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