Thursday, July 29, 2010


All pictures published with the kind permission of UGArdener.

"I am a middle aged American man living in the North Georgia mountains near the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. My wife and I are active hikers. We love to travel in England because of the cool weather, the extensive public transportation and the thousands of miles of public footpaths. I have been working on a garden of my own for twelve years. I have used many of the ideas that I have gotten from English gardens."

These are the words of "UGAardener", a wonderful and prolific photographer. He has most generously shared his experiences in many albums of English villages and gardens. His pictures are artistic and inspired as you can see above.

Many visitors to England, never get beyond London (and some people never get a chance to go on a vacation at all) so this is a fantastic opportunity to see England at its best and most beautiful. Here is the perfect guide!

Below are some of his many albums (many days enjoyment) presented in no particular order. (Playing music is recommended, and also using the "full screen" mode. Click in the right hand lower corner where there are four dots. To leave the "full screen" mode, press the "esc" key.)

-The Gardens, Park and House at Chatsworth in Derbyshire (the house used as Pemberly, the estate belonging to Mr. Darcy in Pride and Predjudice)

-Broadway, Cotswolds, Worcestershire
-Snowshill Manor, Cotswolds
-Bourton on the Hill, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire
-Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire
-Tissington, Derbyshire

-I do not like hiking myself, but I certainly enjoy the photos from the walk in the Shropshire Hills and Tissington Trail in Derbyshire.
-More hiking: Dovedale, Beresford Dale, Wolfscote Dale, Milldale and Biggen Dale in Derbyshire and Heart of England Way near Sezincote

-The Cobblestone Streets of Rye, East Sussex
-Haddon Hall, Derbyshire
-Sissinghurst the famous garden created by Vita Sackville West
-Hidcote Manor Garden, one of England's most interesting gardens.
-Bakewell, Derbyshire
-Ludlow, Shropshire
-Sezincote Garden, Cotswolds
-Chastleton House and Village
-Oxford - City of Dreaming Spires
-Moreton in Marsh, Cotswolds
-Hatfield House, Hertfordshire
-Blockley Village, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire
-Nymans Garden in East Sussex
-Mill Dene Gardens, Blockley, Cotswolds

-And of course there is dear old London. Walk one, two, three, four and five

So what influence have all these trips to England had on UGAardner's own garden in Northern Georgia in America? I have discovered many.

Our UGAardener has been a big contributor to the English Garden Group where there are masses of pictures to enjoy!

UGAardener has many more albums, here grouped in "collections" to make it easier. Here are the "500 most interesting" photos from all his albums.

There are other photographers also in love with English gardens and I particularly like this selection by Nigel Burkitt.


Gothenburg, Sweden, has only trams and busses (no underground).
During the tourist season, the vintage tram association (Ringlinien Tramway Society), operates the old trams from the railway-station to the Liseberg Funfair Park. These old trams are a bit rattly to ride in, but a joy to behold. Want to see more pictures?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


On the Internet you'll find photographers' categorized images in their albums:

There are traditional albums, with photos from Blenheim Palace and famous English gardens (Sissinghurst, and Hidcote) and even one showing American Lighthouses.

Do you feel like looking at stained glass? Or 82 pictures of George Washington? Or perhaps pictures of statues of lions and eagles?

Sometimes the collections are very specific and unusual.
If you get a sudden inclination to look at images of the letter 'A' or the letter 'O', or look at different kinds of door handles or pictures of bricks, or images of numbers from 0-359? -- then there is an album out there for you.

If you have an interest in London Street Art, there are 900 images! And there are 991 images of paintings and tapestry in one album! Or why not have a look at one hundred close-ups of faces? Or an album containing 170 images of everything orange.

You will need some time for this. And some music perhaps. With music playing in the background, the watching is more enjoyable.

(Also be sure to experiment with the various options for the slideshows. You can chose various speed and whether information should be displayed or not)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


With Internet you can be in Sweden and still visit Italy.
A superb tour-guide is an American professor Deborah Guber whose photography is quite superb.

Watch some slideshows from
Or take a longer Italian tour

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


There are many tea and coffee specialty shops in Gothenburg -- shops usually packed with people. If you are the impatient type, this is not for you but it's your loss. The shop assistants are usually super-friendly, charming, willing to advise you and let you smell the a glorious variety of teas stored in large metal containers. It all takes time. If you are so inclined it's great fun and worth the effort!

The Earl Grey teas have authentic bergamot oil -- no artificial fragrance as is the case these days with most commercially packed teas. One shop actually sends Earl Grey Tea to customers England!

The teas you choose have handwritten labels and you're eager to get home and try the new flavours or enjoy a favourite you just stocked up on. The shops also offer gift wrapping at no extra cost. Besides appreciating good quality tea and coffee, a customer also values the person-to-person-over-the-counter shopping. It's an old-fashioned, more personal way of shopping - the way it was before the invasion of the Super Store.