Saturday, July 30, 2011


These  flag posts from 1932 celebrate the history of Gothenburg. They are situated at the Gutavus Adolphus Square in Gothenburg.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The Swedish sing-song  intonation seems to amuse non-Swedes. The Muppet show created "The Swedish Chef" and there are many amusing episodes available for watching.
The maybe not so well known American Harry Stewart (1908-1956), created a comically exaggerated Swedish character "Yogi Yorgesson".
Yogi Yorgesson (Harry Stewart)
Here are some samples of Yogi Yorgesson songs:
Here are more songs. Click on the column marked "VBR MP3"

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Want a poster of this?
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On a sunny July Sunday afternoon i visited this remarkable vessel:
"The Largest sailing fullrigged wooden sailing ship
The Swedish Ship “Götheborg" - a reconstruction of a ship from the mid-18th century is now one of the largest fullrigged wooden sailing ships in the world, and meets international safety requirements for ocean going vessels. The project is based on modern research combined with the revival of traditional methods of craftsmanship dating from the 18th century. Anyone meeting The Swedish Ship “Götheborg" under full sail out at sea would ?nd it impossible to distinguish her from the original ship. Above the waterline, the “Götheborg" is a historical sailing ship. The modern machinery and the majority of the advanced technical equipment have been concealed deep down in the hull. A feat that many considered impossible has now been achieved. The magnificent 18th century ship is sailing again!"  
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You can get this mug here

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Want a poster of this?
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Want a poster of this?
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