Friday, January 29, 2016


I have found a splendid travel guide in Milosh Kitchovitch from New York who travels the world to many fascinating places where he makes films in the fantastically clear and detailed 4K format. He then very generously shares his extremely well made films on YOUTUBE. How many people can show this kind of result after a vacation?

The films are well  and artistically edited without any gimmicks or contrived effects. The shots are neither too long or too short, just right. I am very impressed.

When you watch his 4K format films on a large new television screen or on a large, say 27 inch computer screen, the result is marvellous. This dreary winter I have enjoyed many of his films from my sofa and in front of the computer. There is always something new to discover on the internet. Love it. 

Here are all his playlists (some not in 4k). if you click on the image, all the films will play one after the other. if you click on the blue name of it, you see a list of all the films. 

If you specifically want to see 4K films, I can recommend this extensive list of Amazing Places in 4K (Ultra HD). You can click on any of these films or choose  "play all".

Below are some sample films: