Monday, May 25, 2009


Is this a sculpture?

People who see this contraption do not immediately understand what it is meant for.
Most likely because this English made  juice press is not manufactured anymore. 
This one is called "Instant Juice press No 2"
So there must have been a smaller one and a larger one?
To the inventor, it probably seemed like something that money could be made from since it is patented. Patent 409503
The dinosaur-like shape is interesting and decorative. The shape is even registered.
Reg. Design 791406
It is made from cast aluminum and has some signs of being filed/sanded by hand.


  1. I have one of these juice presses. In fact I used it today. It was my grandmothers and given to me by my mum. I love the look of it and have it on my kitchen window ledge. Many people ask what it is and are very surprised when I tell them. Thanks for you blog.

  2. Yes, it is a beautiful thing to look at. Quite the sculpture.
    Glad you like my little blog.

  3. I also have one of these. Any idea of how much its worth?

  4. Hello Craig,
    Sorry I do not know the value of it. But probably no greater value. I like it as it tells a story of our manufacturing past, and the shape is quite lovely.