Thursday, September 23, 2010


For book lovers, The Gothenburg Book Fair is a paradise that lasts from Thursday to Sunday. It is one of the biggest events of the year and it is packed!
"No other book fair in the world offers such a comprehensive conference programme as the Göteborg Book Fair. In 2009 it included 448 seminars with more than 800 participants from 27 countries, running over four days. In addition to the seminars, there are events on the different stages and activities in the exhibition stands throughout the whole Fair. The Book Fair 2009 offered more than 2,700 different programmes and events with more than 2,100 participating speakers.
More then 800 exhibitors cover most sectors of the book trade, including fiction, non-fiction, books for children and young adults, educational books, picture-books, magazines, comic books, libraries, art and much, much more." 

The Gothenburg book Fair is the largest in Scandinavia
Here is a discussion going on on the subject of translating the American poet Emily Dickinson into Swedish
The much loved Alexander McCall Smith will appear in
 various discussions and seminars.
Ralp Nader will make an appearance here at the Book Fair this year.
On the weekend, there will be long lines to get in.

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