Saturday, August 13, 2011


There is no other building in Gothenburg (Sweden) that has so many swallows. It is the Telegraph building built 1909-12. 
The swallows fly beautifully in the portico ceiling
The floral design around the swallows reminds one of William Morris designs.
The doors and stained glass are very much in the Arts and Crafts style.
This is how it looks from a distance. Note the carvings above.. you find more swallows carved in granite.
A man sends off swallows...
... they all fly around the corner...
... they have just turned the corner...
... the first swallow arrives and is greeted by a woman.
Another swallow carved in granite...
...with its mates...

...all lined up !
Here is the entire pillar with swallows, dogs and vegetation.
The building style is called National Romantic  -- a look back at older Swedish architectural traditions where the choice of building material was domestic granite, brick and wrought iron. Very arts and craftsy. The swallows and other Swedish animals were preferred to traditional  decorations such as lions and angels.

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