Thursday, October 18, 2012


I walk by this fine Carl Milles sculpture almost everyday.

Carl Milles sculpture GENIUS is a lyre-playing angel -- an hommage to the Swedish writer August Strindberg

The Dancing Girls 1917
Carl Milles created several pieces with dancing women. At the turn of the last century a new form of free dance developed. Carl Milles was a great admirer of this modern dance and attended many performances both in Paris and in Stockholm. Dancing meant short moments of hovering and the dancers lose contact, if only momentarily, with the ground. When Carl Milles sculpted dancing women, it was the first time that he was interested in the concept of hovering and lacking gravity, concepts which later nearly dominate his sculptures. (Text from Milleasgarden)

The Sea God POSEIDON By his size, he overshadows  the smaller fantastic sea creatures surrounding the basin. (Placed at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg)

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