Sunday, June 28, 2009


This looks more like a country village lane. But we are in a "mews", in central London!
In the heart of Kensington/South Kensington.

Kynance Mews is my favorite mews in London.
Today the small houses are very desirable, but once they were "hidden" as best they could, behind arches such as this. This is where the servants who worked in the fine houses lived, usually on top of the stables. More info.

Today, these houses cost millions and are bought by wealthy people from all over the world.

What other capital has such rural charm right in the center?

The mews houses do not have gardens (the gardens belonged to the fine houses).
Some mews-houses have roof terraces.

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  1. Your photos make me nostalgic for London, especially Chelsea. Beautiful shots of charming mews houses.