Tuesday, July 27, 2010


On the Internet you'll find photographers' categorized images in their albums:

There are traditional albums, with photos from Blenheim Palace and famous English gardens (Sissinghurst, and Hidcote) and even one showing American Lighthouses.

Do you feel like looking at stained glass? Or 82 pictures of George Washington? Or perhaps pictures of statues of lions and eagles?

Sometimes the collections are very specific and unusual.
If you get a sudden inclination to look at images of the letter 'A' or the letter 'O', or look at different kinds of door handles or pictures of bricks, or images of numbers from 0-359? -- then there is an album out there for you.

If you have an interest in London Street Art, there are 900 images! And there are 991 images of paintings and tapestry in one album! Or why not have a look at one hundred close-ups of faces? Or an album containing 170 images of everything orange.

You will need some time for this. And some music perhaps. With music playing in the background, the watching is more enjoyable.

(Also be sure to experiment with the various options for the slideshows. You can chose various speed and whether information should be displayed or not)

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