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THE CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW is the most well known Flower and Garden show in the world. It receives an enormous amount of publicity the world over. It takes place every year at The Royal Hospital in Chelsea, London on a total of 11 acres.
An enormous amount of money, talent and prestige is involved and a lot of artifice too, in creating the stunning show gardens where the flowers are magically in full bloom on the opening day in May. How they manage all that is beyond belief. Many awards are handed out. And then, five days later, the elaborate constructions, the temples, the rural stone cottages, the large trees, shrubs, hedges and all the plants have to be uprooted and moved. Sad indeed.
Everyone wants to visit, but the five days are a limitation. The first two days are reserved for the royal family, celebrities and members of the Royal Horticultural Society. The remaining three days are left for the public.
Only 157.000 people have a chance to visit when probably millions would love to come. So those who cannot be there in the flesh, can enjoy the pictures taken by those who were there. An official DVD of the show is also produced on behalf of the RHS.
The talented photographer "UGArdener" was there in 2007 and has been considerate enough in arranging several albums (sets) on the photo sharing website Flickr. But first an introduction by
The bigger show gardens are the big attraction and they are sponsored by various companies, countries and institutions. I think we can start with the Flemings Australian garden, and then The Fortnum & Mason Garden.
The Japanese Moss Garden is simply wonderful and exotic.
The garden called 600 Days on Mars, by Sarah Eberle, a futuristic garden, was awarded first prize.
In between looking at the gardens, I suggest we follow on a general tour of the various exhibitors.Then back to more gardens:
-Lloyds TSB Show Gardens

-Chris Beardshaw's Hidcote Centenary Tribute

-Karl Foerster Garden

-There were other large gardens shown together in one album.

-We must not forget to visit the inside Floral Pavilion, a most amazing place.
-Before we leave, a visit Courtyard and City gardens.

There! We have had a lovely day and a chance to enjoy the beauty of the gardens and to catch up on current trends in gardening. Thank you so much Mr. UGArdener for this lovely tour of the 2007 Chelsea Flower Show!
Have a look at the 2010 Chelsea Flower show !

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