Monday, April 30, 2012


Unions are not what they used to be in America. When Ronald Reagan  fired the air traffic controllers in 1981, it had a chilling effect on the amount of strikes in the US. As union membership has declined the last 40 years, so has the middle class share of the aggregate income  -- as the charts tell on Up With Chris Hayes. In Europe, unions are considered essential and a stabilizing force in society, often represented on the board of corporations. So it is hard for us to understand the need to get rid of them.

So with little ability to strike in America, and a low union membership level, here comes the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement to inspire people to "strike" on May 1.

"Maypole" by Katherine Anderson
This is only one of many posters

Hear OCCUPY explain their May 1st "strike" message:

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