Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Huffington Post headline today - the 1983 story that does not go away. 

Mitt Romney has had another chance to explain (and regret) having placed a large male Irish setter in a dog transportation case on top of the family car during a 12 hour car trip to Canada in 1983. His actions are  so cruel, bizarre and  character defining, that the story will not go away and now, Mitt Romney and his wife had the chance to do some damage control when being interviewed by ABC's Diane Sawyer. But no. Romney regrets the incident - but only  because of the attention it has got. And his wife brushes it off, saying the dog loved traveling in the crate on top of the car and the dog got the diarrhea due to turkey it got on the (kitchen?) counter (turkey they all must have eaten and they were fine?).

It appears that a great number of Americans believe that the dog was scared to death and therefore covered the car with diarrhea during the trip. But the Romney couple seem not to care or they are extremely obtuse. Is it simply that, as F. Scott Fitzgerald once said "the rich are different than us." Very different, it appears, in their attitudes  to their possessions. I remember an old and very well dressed lady in Chelsea walking her similarly old dog in this wealthy area of London. The dog, who seemed the fittest of the two, walked in front of her and she, clad head to foot in haute couture followed slowly after. 
I said to her "That is a beautiful dog you have", and she answered slowly and politely in very upper class English, as a fine old lady would, "Yes I do rather like it."  Maybe I'm picky, but to this wealthy lady her dog was not a he or a she or a him or a her. Her happy little pooch was an IT. "Yes I do rather like it." 

I wonder if this was the way the wealthy Ann and Mitt Romney were  thinking about their dog? An "it" to be put on top of the car. After all, they could have chosen to put the luggage on the roof, but they placed the dog there. And yet still, they strangely maintain that IT liked there, in its little container, strapped on top of the car for 12 hours, with no chance to move or even to communicate with the owners that it needed to defecate.  Americans might ask themselves if they wish to be treated like that if Romney is elected.
The Ed Show also brings up the story:

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