Sunday, November 17, 2013


The little antique ceramic vase was broken and ended up in the trash. I took pity on it since I liked the design so much. It was no doubt one of the many items made in China many years ago for the Western market. The vase is very small and a  very fine brush has been used by the skilled artist. It looks like a family crest of some kind. It was a shame to see the vase end up in the trash, so I figured out a way to let the design live on…

I photographed the design and reworked it in Adobe Indesign and made this mug design. This modern mug is made in China and the mug is "Print-On-Demand", which means that it is produced when one orders it. So I have saved the old Chinese artist's design with modern technique and a Chinese mug and it makes me feel quite pleased. Here is where the mug can be bought.

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