Tuesday, February 4, 2014


California is facing a severe water shortage and people are told to cut their usage by 20 percent. Perhaps more if this shortage is long term. 
    There was a time once when people did not take a shower every day, when running hot water was a luxury and hot water was heated on a stove. Then you had to rely on a washing yourself in a basin and using a wash cloth (in Britain it is called a flannel). That is what people were used to and somehow it worked out just fine. 
    Maybe Californians will have to get acquainted with that old wash cloth again. It's not that hard. You start with the face and then do the arm pits, then the crotch and last the feet, which you have to lift up into the wash basin. Watch that balance!
    Millions have done it before and millions might have to do it again. You will feel just fine and really appreciate that one shower a week you can allow yourself.

For a long time you could not get a wash cloth at IKEA but now they are back. Just in time for Californians who have to cut back on showers.

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